Thursday, June 25, 2009


Haluuu...!!!its Rejab already..
REJAB,SYAABAN,RAMADAN...berpuasa lah sudah....
baiklah..i think my semester gonna ends during RAYA..Raya while EXAM..menarik!!
probably laah...T_T
oh yeaah..update2 untuk peminat2 AZIZULHASNI di luar sana..
he is currently BUSY with his classes and he is sooo EXCITED ..enrolling as UNI student..
so support him buddies!!
He took 4 subjects ..and kinda tough though because he been paused for sometimes..
so now..he needs to revise all the VOCAB back..and definitely he is so BUSY..
His timetable is now so,class,training....
so,i have to discipline myself for not being interloper ..or create any dramas ..
i have to make sure the hero got the input and can apply the output..
Well,Im proud of him......i like his effort in doing his things!!
that s detail...
and still,he is not forgoting his responsible to try his best for Malaysia..
i really adore his spirit....even i realise i dont have that kind of attitude on me..
so .....lets labour hard..follow AZIZULHASNI step!!
My bf now is studying in the same UNIVERSITY with me...He is doing his foundation studies for Bachelor in Commerce Majoring in Sport Science ....Obviously,Azizul told me..that he really likes his subjects ..and his new environment as a student and athelete ....such a MASSIVE responsibility ..
I hope..people out there..dont ever give so much pressure on him...because he copes a HUGE responsiblity ..i knew him really2 well...even i realized sometime Vermin distracts my life with him....(Envious Malay)
Anyway,Knowledge is really VITAL...and indeed,now my conversation with my BF is towards studies..rather than mumbling or humiliating about some stuff...(politik)...which is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GOOD...!!
to be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY.....when he decided to pusue to DEAKIN it easier for us chit chat about UNI stuff....Anyhow...for the FUTURE soon!

Well,Josiah Ng and Kim Ong .....are getting married this excited...!Hubby is in Melbourne so i attend the wedding with my bro to replace my hubby...pathetic!oh NOO!

Love stories at DEAKIN begin.........

My 1st trip to Melbourne...and yet,he accompanied ..same flight..he did cure my soberness after left my family in MALAYSIA...



Samsu said...

pe yang cantiknya fesyen si Ikin tu?takde beza pun aku tengok,buruk adela.

Tyazizul said...

oh ye??people have different perception..that s my opinion..but im wondering y everyone is wearing her tudung now??..


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