Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Berbuka Puasa Meja Penuh!

introducing hot single bachelor from Geelonggg....From left pupu,mozes,bryan and moiz
they love the laksa...i think so :S
Cheese Tuna by Kuhaz
Cendawan Goreng by TYA

Laksa Johore by NANA...u sure NANA?
tadaaa.......penuh meja..oh ya bubur jagung sirap ku......ok to be honest berbuka harini penuh nk mati perut..and slumer je x siapkan design studio..sebab sume malas...ikut logik la kan..dah submit last week..this week nk lagi submission ..haishh!so after i submited my thesis..jeng jeng jeng...we served our red table with awesome dishes ...and yaaa we invited all the priya kesepian to come over to our house since ...that day they served us with marvellous spagetti ..!!

1 comment:

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

bestnya. kita kat mesia ni bukak posa pun tak penuh meja tau.


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