Thursday, December 31, 2009

Feeza & Dr sham's wed

Congrats to Feeza and Dr Sham! roomate when i was in IIUM married to a doctor ..she looked stunning and really really gorgeous on her wedding!!the purplish tone really give an attraction to the audiences ..was held in Putrajaya...the wed ceremony was good with a romantic background...ohhhh i felt melting!!!! its been 2 years plus ..i had no chance to meet all my IIUM's here we meet again!
I met all landscape architects and all of them are successfully working without failure..
and me?have to wait one more year to WORK!
i need money money money!

Dearest best IIUM buddies,Fee,jojo,Nad and Hyda .....i loike to hang out with them ...good luck in your studies friends!

i met my roommates too!but ya..sbb sudah lame tidak ketemu gua ngak mahu tangkap gambar..gua lebih gemar yang semangat bergambar itu saidah...she is cute isnt she?bakal planner berjaya itu! :)
antara lauk yg terhidang...ohh i banished my diet.....sorry!! :(
my sayang sayang sayang...baik ini jojo!i sayang her...semalam i kol u,u x answer..u kate u kluar pegi dinner?u kate u kluar dgn kawan you...oh snap..jojo sangat pandai main gitar..suara die sdap..apa lagi ..serba serbi laa...then,its MEK ye!!my bestfriend too ngn mek Dira..Mek ye now working as interior designer and Dira working as Quantity surveyor ...Alhamdulillah ..semuanya udah kerjaain...

last but not least,before the majlis ends..mari kita bergambar..the baju that i wore is given by my yayang ..everyone praised the baju ..oh thanks!originally from Indonesia ya pak!then,i was bumped to meet MIMI and MARRY ..mimi now working as PTD ..ok hebat!suma hebat2..malas aku nk layan...mimi baru sahaja berkahwin..

moga2 perkahwinan kawan2 ku ini kekal sehingga ke akhir hayat.AMIN

thanks to ANIS DIYANA..for your sweet concerned..i love u so much will upload our makan2makan pictures soon......*hugs*


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