Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My sister's 15 years old


risau plak nk tunggu results PMR minah ni..
apeapepung,my sister syg..
hoping u gonna be somebody
keje bawah me pun ok gak
or else jadi DR gigi..
sbb gigi awak cantik no!

Its my sister's fifth TEEN birthday..so we decided to celebrate her day in one bombastic restaurant called "Bubba Gump" ...well,the mainly dishes are seafood ..so u can eat any type of seafood that u like!!TO MY SISTER, happy birthday!Hope your dream come true ..and make sure u get a good results in your life ..especially towards the day after ..

The special shrimps menu goes to my sister..a birthday's girl favourite..a multi taste of shrimp!
This one goes to yeop n kak shu...its seafood rice...but not my favourite one!
and this is mine one...i really like salmon ..so its salmon veggie ..kinda nice also lahh!
my hubby gonna come back soon ..i wanna bring him to eat in this fabulous restaurant!
this is my mom's one...she took fish soup with bread??

here goes our strawberry shortcakes ...
its definitely YUMMY gilaa wess!
the best thing about this restaurant is the signboard to call up the waiter and waitress
if the signboard shows "Run Forest Run" ,the waiter will not entertain u..but if u change the signboard to red colour below the blue one "Stop Forest Stop"..so the waiter will stop and ask for anything!!no need to rise up your hand to call them ..

The birthday's girl with her charming sister...oh snap!
the clans ..
Last but not lease the birthday girl with her abang n kakak n mummy
i found this...its kinda hilarious ..but
betol wut...
life without chocolate is meaningless
do u agree with me???in the end,nak jugak mama suap...
love u mom!
the best mom in the world..

even without dad,fendy n fauzy ..but u guys still in our heart
we love all of you!
dad especially!
muah muah muah!
family no 1

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