Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Hye everyone...thanks a lot for the sweet wishes ..
im so busy at this moment ..have to run a lot of things ..
and here i am..updating my *abandon blog*
cheering up my niece is one of the best things to do before anything else.
tisha looked so remaja now..she loves to follow her aunties..
maybe she realizes ..her aunties really love to jalan2..
so i brought tisya to one utama today..to play with all the games in that space..
a cool auntie with a stroller ..how is that?
Melbourne and my becoming husband awaits..
i have to leave u my baby tisya....ohhhhhhh sedih!
at first nak belanje tisya kat chilis ..tp terasa mesti x abis..
so kiteorg makan kenny rogers..tisya really likes the chicken and the muffin!
ok now sudah rindu....sama tisya comel....
last outhing with her auntie before auntie jadi *puan* ..sob sob sob

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