Friday, January 22, 2010

Seminggu !!

lagi seminggu okeyhhh..
i just cant believe it..
im getting married ...
lots of thing need to be done people..
friends are coming to help me..

6 comments: said...

xsabar nak tengak wedding's photos!!

atiqah said...

congratulationsss.surprise ok:)haha.all the best akak.hehe.can't wait for the new a good wife also.

happy for both of u.:)

Abby said...

congratulations tya!!
happy for you..

yummien straggy said...


p/s : ive been following(secare senyap)ur blog dari awal lagi,and i can say dat i am so happy with this news..i pulak eksaited lebih crite kat kwn2..hehe!tahniah skali lagi..

Mama Herda said...

hye sis herda (bakes-with-love) happy 4 u & nervous too because i will make hantaran cupcakes (azizul side) for ur nikah day..hope u will like it..may allah bless both of u dear! & gongrate to azizul for his great performance!

aie_eE said...

congret tya & azizull.
hope u all kekal smpai akhr hyt..


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