Monday, January 25, 2010


i was reading about new *knowlegde* patiently ..
Credit to Anis for capturing my photos..and i knew u deleted ur picture..

Its been a while i never manjakan my body to SPA ..
i was a regular customer when i was in IIUM ..stress doing design we need to tranquil ourselves to SPA
Well,here i am SPA for my wedding preparation ..
I found a good spa with affordable price near my house
well,its really worth i tell you..
so..i did some treatment from foot till face ...
and some mandian ..massaging ..
to look more pretty i reckon during my *akad nikah* day which is 5 days from now..
i did lots of treatment i tell look slim!
but i know i cant ..deng!even i was marie france bodyline and fitness first customer..*sigh*
cant wait to meet all my pretty ladies ...i await for you guys..
friends are coming over earlier to my house from KL ..
and some of them are taking extra holidays to assist me ..(u know who u are)
wow ...thanks a lot!i love you guys...u mean everything to me..
friends from sabah n sarawak pun datang ..even they knew i just nikah ..
thanks thanks thanks LOVE!!!
all of my friends were screaming .."tya ko dah nk kawin..tak percaya aku weh"
sume cakap gitu....abis empunya diri mcm percaya je la kan..*sniff*
ape2pun ini sume ketentuan Ilahi ..sudah smpai seru gitu..
cant wait to meet u ols...

Tya soon to be *PUAN*

P/s: medi n pedi gonna be my next treatment..pakai inai puhleashhh


Nurul Nadiah said...

cant wait to read ur next preparation. terus update keh? huhuhu

khalidah khairizam said...

dekat mane ni spa??sungguh cantikkk kot kalau spa kat ipoh gituuu, ipoh dah maju yeayy!! :D

sile btau tarikh reception awal2 ye, sy mahu book, sorry can't make it to ur nikah.. kim salam kak wan eh? x x x

ZaritH said...

hye tya..
dah lama baca ur blog but hari ni baru drop komen...
i terjumpa ur butik la.. TYAAZ kan?
dekat area caltex tu..

MimieJamaludin said...

hahhaa..just found ur cousin told me and gave me ur link...hahah, cant wait to see ur inai...make sure u keep updating ur blog k =) cant wait to see u here in tassie

Irah said...

athiah..tahniah..can't wait for your big day!

Anonymous said...

bravo tya...

nawal said...

bravo tya...


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