Monday, February 22, 2010

yayang in c2 drink shooting

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before we flying back to Melbourne,my husband has to shoot for Tv Commercial C2 green tea drink.With him in the commercial together are two famous celebrities ,one is footballer and one more is an actress also a singer..Asraruddin Putra and Lyana Jasmay...The commercial will be launching on March i think.So u guys please wait to see my hubby with his action in his 1st tv commercial..

C2 Green Tea is a bottled green tea beverage produced and manufactured by Universal Robina. The drink was first manufactured in the Philippines. Sometimes it is simply called as C2.(wikipedia).
Is a healthy green tea drink if you guys found the bottle of c2 drink in purple colour ..that means you are supporting my husband .My yayang's bottle is purple in colour.While Asrar and Lyana taking yellow and red as their colour.You can get the drink anywhere in the market..7eleven especially drink it up people ...

the Shooting takes half day to finish all the actions ..we been there from Subuh ok..nearly to Maghrib shooting pun habis..dan kami terus flat!!haihhh.......
Im my husband make up artist ..............................T_T

"yayang,i selsema ...tolong lap kan "
"cmne leh selsema ni sayang?"
"smalam i kayuh dalam hujan.."
"alololo...ciannnn ;(
nanti kite makan panadol active 5 ek"
"nak mo!!'
"cmne nak baik kalo x nk makan panadol?"
"i nak makan kanji u masak"
"ok sayang....anything that can cure u i ll do ,i promise ;)"

ok happy sgt rasenye ..setelah suami nmpk relaks sikit ..if not kesian tgk die...dah la br lepas kawin...huhu..penat okaiiii...sempat lg my yayang meluangkan sedikit masanya untuk semua..cewahhh....itulah pengorbanan seorang atlit....suami sudah selesai bershooting ...baju kami padan pule...baju basikal yang sekale dgn baju ku..
oh indahnyaaaa!!hihihihihi

i took my picture with Lyana Jasmay....she is adorable and cute...agak kelakar jugak orangnya..
is busy promoting her new movie ,Niyang Rapik...
while they were shooting,i sat with her mom..the best mommy and super cool...with her daughter all the tyme....

secara kesimpulan,si baju biru...ku cinta padamu....


Nurul Nadiah said...

banyak dah tertinggal entry tya
nanti slow2 nadia bace eh
still dalam berhibernate ni

tapi happy tengok ur life
cheerful & colourful =D

Umi Nazrah said...

salam. mohon share gambar sapu hidung tu. sweeeeet sangat ^_^

Umi Nazrah said...

ni link utk gmbr U yg sya amek :)


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