Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Picnic at Sorrento

Heading to Queenscliff

Last weekend,me and my husband together with my dearest friends had a great picnic at Sorrento.We took ferry to Sorrento and observed the beautiful scenery from Quenscliff to Sorento.Me and hubby were so excited because happen to be our 1st time riding a ferry after got married.The weather was pretty good.We gathered infront of Deakin around 9am..and it was end of day light saving.I was awake quite early on that so so excited!!!
Now,Malaysia and Australia only 2 hours ahead...and i hate it because Winter is near..!
I can resist my self to get comfort..!

Well,Quenscliff is near Geelong.Only took 30minutes driving according to our *Tom-tom*.Since,Syat leading the way.He drove from the other side and took nearly an hour to Quenscliff.Our main attention to have the picnic is basically to release our pressure and tension with our heaps of workload back at since now is Easter Holiday..we should use it..Moreover, to know some of the new students who just commenced this semester..and bring them to explore Geelong!!!

Oh drag my let himself feels relax and tranquil ..after world championship,my yayang should beriadah ..since he has to fly to DUBAI this friday for ACC..!I was wondering what he get from MALAYSIA after he had won SILVER for our country?????!!hmmmm...anyone out there can help me to update??ok...with his astonishing power during world championship i think i should bring him somewhere ..somewhere only we know...huhuhuhuhu....

Riding a ferry to Sorrento was terrific!With the best companions ..the trip sangat2 happening..and thank god ..there are 2 professional photographer on the ferry..So,if you are lucky,you may see DOLPHIN !!but serious .....saya x nmpk ape2 pun!maybe sbb i was chit-chat with my hubby and friends all the way from Quenscliff to Sorrento....Sedar2 je dah smpai....

As we arrived at Sorrento,we find a perfect spot for picnic.The picnic area was reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy awesome.Facing to the beach ..and you can see all the activities nearby.Thanks to everyone who had prepared the food!!!Me and my husband hanya bawak karipap dan cucur (cekodok) ,i did the acuan hubby gorengkan ...hi hi hi..
our makanan habis!!so maknanya..sedap la tu kan?kan?kan?kan?
we ate ...ate..and ate ...after eating,we talked and played ..Naz has introduced to us a new game called 'Buaya and Biawak' ..where we have to make a circle and each of us have to be alert to say Buaya and Biawak...Sape yg salah kene keluar.....!!!!

So lepas berpuas hati dgn kekalahan,me and husband jalan2 di tepi lautan....cewahhhhh..
konon romantiks la..!!Yayang dapat tangkap ketam dan ikan.....di tepi air yg cetek itu...boleh nmpk ikan !!sangat menarikkkk!!since i dont want to take off my boots ..i observed him from far..but he promised to bring me to this place when both of us FREE!!!Tapi sumpah best gila..
where u can see budak2 kecik main pasir...mak bapak cari ikan...layannn la jugak!!

Then,we went back to Queencliff for CIRCUS!!!!!!!!!
oh la la........I was 10 when my mom brought me to watch Royal London Circus at my hometown..and here i go again ..and this time,i went to Circus with my husband!The tix is 28 dolar..once u seat and watch the performance ..u definitely will not feel regret...SUMPAH HAPPENING!!!best la........sebab layan kan aje si badut tu jadi lawak2 skek...Some of the actions kinda scary....when there is One Old Lady emerged and showed her performance alone!!
One of our friends,Afdzal kene panggil by the clown ......!!and ape lagi ..kene buat performance yang agak mengelikan hati di khalaak ramai..........Good Job Afdzal!

Well,the circus was pretty cool!!we didnt expect that the show was really happening..We took some pictures with the clown and moved to Sea Food Carnival!Unfortunately,the sea food carnival is closed!so,we decided to eat seafood near the pier!!!WOW.........................................!!
SUMPAH BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

Setelah perut kenyang,its time to say BYE-BYE to Queencliff.....and pulang semula ke Melbourne.............oh ya!!We really had a good time with the trip!!Hopefully,there will be more picnic soon......
Naz,yayang,Wan Billy and Cot

The pictures taken by WAN BILLY to him!

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