Friday, May 7, 2010

I can masak Ikan Steam OLEDI....hip hip hoooray!!

Halo semua..hari ni chef akan mengajar puan-puan untuk masak ikan steam masak asam..i dunno the specific name..but i think that is the appropriate name for this menu!First of all,i would like to say thanks to AYURE,JAJASH for giving an inspiration to create a fabulous menu to husband even without steamer ..!Taraaaa...i got the menu from my sister in law...So i just tried even without specific ingredients ..some of them .hard to get in Melbourne i suppose..
Luckily i found galangal (many people didnt know what galangal is)i went to 4 shops asking for galangal but they didnt know at all...only at Asian Groceries !!!Asian people eat galangal ..Not Aussies...The taste of galangal is soooooooooo versatile and delightful ..!It tends to be a lil bit sour i think..huhu..correct me if im wrong ..

Well,FYI the majority of the tastes come from the mixture between the large number of fresh ingredients!!!Good for diet people .so do an athlete..sniff!My husband reminded me to cook healthy food everyday!No oil..No oil..No oil..No oil...remember NO OIL!so steam is the best action to remain healthy!So,here it is.....our fish of the day..Red Snapper !!!auwww auww auww

Before u put the pan on ..make sure u pour some of lime juice together with the fresh ingredients!if u want the fish to be a lil bit spicy..put more hot chilies!!But,my husband discourage me to have chilies in the menu ..because he said ..Org Terengganu tidak makan pedas!!tetapi org Perak suke gile pedas....jadi sebagai isteri,kene ikut kehendak dan kemahuan suami....:,(
Ready to cook??
To make the fish looks more elegant ,,,aesthetic value is needed as an architect!Please put some greens into your meal!!Fresh up ..!!!Coriander is the best !
I like the smell too...
so so so so FRESH!!!
Thanks to Jimmie Chooo...
opss..Abang Jimmie Oliver..

Finally,the fish is ready to serve..

Sayang,,,,,,,,meh makangggg!!!

keputusan :
Suami " Yang,sedapnye..i nak u masak steam everyday la camni..esok masak ayam steam..daging steam..elok untuk kesihatan"
Isteri" Baiklah...!!Steam forever!!!Hidup Steam!!"
Suami "Apakate kite try makan kangaroo steam??"

tinggal tanda tanya...mahukah anda makan daging steam?
tepuk dada tanyalah selera...



diana sidek said...

tya, nampak sgt sedap, senang nak masak sedap x payah pakai steamer lg mudah kan?i like fish steam so, i would definitely try out this one

aunieZ said...

hoho cmne nak masak steam ni..x pndai n x phm ..mmg nmpak sdap weeee
galangal tu lengkuas ek ke apa huhu

ahha org ganu dok sebut sbut mari makanggg ngeh2..mmg org ganu dok makang pedah..berat nanang kalu kite ni brahi makang pdah..pahang dok? :p


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