Friday, July 23, 2010

Busy Gila wehsss

Gamba bersama suami dan rakan2 sebelum ke-Emoan menjelma

First of all,to be frank..i have no mood to update my blog actually...My interest to update my blog is no longer exist i think.Im not sure why...probably because Im now in my final semester or else i found other interest ...busy with life as a student and life as a wife ...but just need to remind everyone who loves to blogging...keep writing!but please write with knowledge...jangan nak ikut orang or nak syok sendiri..menyampah juga kadang2 aku nak bace..!!Apparently i noticed sometime ppl are stealing my pictures without telling me ,mintak permission ke ape..heh etika itu penting ye!no matter where and how...sorry if it sounded a bit harsh ..but please respect thats all i can say....full stop!

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