Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Amna Maryam Berhari Raya

Amna is 9 months old.She is a big already.About to walk but not yet nearly there.How time flies.She is no longer a bam bam baby.She has lost her weight .Sobs.

So so so kurus now if nak compare dengan Amna zaman before 6 months old.They said when ur baby started to eat solid food her weight will gain.But not my baby..This is sad..Anyway as long as she is healthy and want to eat.That is OK right?

Amna Maryam loves to stand at that coffee table.Dah banyak kali jatuh time awal2 berdiri.Now no more :) .Amna is wearing her beautiful baju kurung by her Nanna.

2nd Open House.Many many open house.Amna just wear simple dresses .But she refused to wear hairclip now.

3rd Open House we went to Geelong.She takes off her shoes and her clips already :(

4th Open House- We went to Galore Laugh.Amna playgroup eid celebration.Nothing to celebrate just a playground for the babies

5th Open house- To the cyclist mansion

6th Open House - 3 houses in a day.1st house ada big play pen .Amna loves it!

7th Open House - Eid Celebration at the park.Will update about that soon.

Inilah diantara baju-baju Raya Amna Maryam tahun ni.Puas hati memborong online sebab muat walaupun ada setengah besar.

Ummi sayang Amna!Jadilah anak yang solehah ok Kak Cho ..
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