Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hello Autumn!

Hello ..and hyee!!
pencinta alam

its autumn now...Its officially autumn in my heart..
what a wonderful experienced..
i love autumn...autumn makes you go tranquil
Appreciating the Nature Gift from Allah
makes me realize how little i am in his world...
Walking to Uni while observing the panoramic view ..looking at people with their own styles ..
From my home to takes approximately 30 minutes walking...and if by power walking maybe around 15-20minutes...but yaahh!!i like this season so much....
u can see all the trees are changed in color..they turn to orange and brown color..
wow.....Thank God !!i never thought that i can have this experience...i never thought that im going to continue my part 2 in Australia...Syukur!!!
It doesn't mean if u cant get straight As u couldn't continue studies....It doesn't mean if ur not from Elite school u couldn't study
abroad.. yes...everything can happen ..Its all in u....if u say its a YES!if u say NO!so its a NO!
..when i was in 1st year architecture..i almost cried everyday because i ddnt knw..why i take architecture as my 1st choice...Architecture is hard...staying all night long...facing computer...cutting this...doing model...even my results for studio wasnt that good during my 1st,in 2nd year..1st sem..i still blur and my design was so static and rigid...boringggggggg!!and ya i got C..for my kindergarten..such a shame!!then,i met all the seniors even i attached myself in one of the local firm to gain sem by sem..i think my love towards architecture is growing...i started to explore from the internet..reading the journal..reading the current issues..and yaaa i improved my skills in computer and photography...because those elements are so vital!Indeed, the existing of my blog was actually at 1st to express my architecture thought!nevertheless,it has changed to be more about personal life..when someone *emerged*..
to the adik2 out there....i knew i have lots of follower from adik2 sekolah...aim ur vision..if u want to be an architect ur welcome but its suffering!u dont have time to date..u only date ur computer...thats why i often update my blog..because whenever my sleepiness comes,my blog is the place for me to heal my mengantuk...

so yaa...mari berusaha...!!!!especially to my little adiks ..both of them are the candidates for SPM and PMR....its all depend on u to labour..because the succesful comes from your own effort..not anyone else..!!and of coz..dont forget to pray...!remember the parents..!
and forget about those cinta monyet what so ever..come during school bring nothing..believe me..u just waste your parents money..based on my experienced...i skip my prep for a sake to use the public phone...

*cut the crap*
itu sahaja nasihat from me yg tidak seberapa itu..but yaa..
we need to change from B to A..
dont be the typical people..
who talks about others..buang masa..
and tidak membawa faedah pun..
especially yg syco2 ..oh ma god..i hate this people...:S
mari menonton gambar autumn@geelong versi x lawa
source my phone camera

its autumn in Geelong...bloody cold!its not that cold..but still u have to wear thick attire to UNI..
the foot..and the fallen leaves

B4,reaching home...its a must for me to drop by at Coles to buy some groceries
tadaaa...Love Green!!
Green makes u healthy babeh..
everyone told me that i look kurus..
ini semua kerana busy membuat kerja..tidak tidur malam wahai kawan2..

i found this lychee can at supermarket..
grab that bite..
its been a long time i never drink Malaysian Sweet Drink!
oh especially *cincau and soya yos*
sdapp nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
harganya berapa ek rm6 gile ek !

the famous Geelong Mussels..
i like!!
thanks Kuhaz...!

"belaja di perantau sangat best..saya mahu adik saya belajar di sini juga satu hari nanti..kerana sistem pembelajaran lebih efisyen bermutu tinggi..tiada pressure..tiada tekanan..."


Azwani Shaari said...

Wahahaha.. Q panjang2 kat public phone sblh bilik prep sungguh tensyen..:D

aleng said...

i luv autumn!

*^^* said...

bnyk nasihat..
trus rasa bersemangat! ^^
kak tya, sy link akak tau.. =)

Anonymous said...

if msk ipta and dpt good pointer,bley apply scholarship x ktya? or scholarship ni just after spm je?


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