Sunday, April 26, 2009

uniqueness Landscape

This is one of the attraction places that you should visit when u are in Brisbane..I adore the uniqueness of the landscape so the hectic town...there is a man made beach...where u can have picnic and sun bathing ...The climate in Brisbane during my visit is just the same like Malaysia...and from what i heard,all the local fruits like durian.manggis,rambutan and etc being planted in no wonder i can see local fruits easily..!well,what i like in this " so called" garden is the way they grow the *bougenvilla* flowers ..i assure my mom gonna love it...because my mom wanted to grow the flowers at the gate...nevertheless,the flowers are growing crazily...:S

this is the cafe area...the location of the cafe is perfect...because its facing the beach view and we can see the beautiful pergolas surrounding it..we had an ice cream....ohmagosh!
i missed eating ice cream now...
but yaa...the building is simple but the way they created the elements of hardscape are so nice..

here it goes
the pergola..
created a grand space to the visitors..
i like it so much..pleasee!!
how can they managed to let the flowers grow accordingly ...following the steel bar without any failure..ceh!
maybe we can create something like this rite...
by having louvers ,added some flowers ....
sustainability is needed now!!
this is the cafe...
the view is really nice rite?
still,the pergola makes me crazy!
feeling to have it in my own house soon
hanis...sila jgn makan ice cream..nnti gemukkkkk!!

i like this pergolaa..!!
so futuristic...with the curvy shape attached together and created the sense of harmonious ..
i felt so relax and excited innit...
so fabulouss!
maybe we should have this at KLCC park... KLCC doesnt have shelter i think!

and last but not least...people were sitting on the grass ...doing their own me and chika..we are being so vain in front of the camera...i miss u darling!!and yaa...whereas other people..they used to read books and picnic...hmmmm...i still Malaysia..if we pijak rumput pun pak guard kecoh...!ah cuba la ubah persepsi sikit..nnti pekebun makan gaji buta...ha ha ha.even in telfagar square now ..the already changed cement to grass..y?because with grass...people tend to have more activities ...and maybe as the attraction....mari tuka cement di Malaysia to that i can see people lying down ,meeting,discusion ..kan best buat study group while looking at KLCC ....ya reading books....:) reading stephanie meyer especially!haha...the twilight maniac still on untill now..everyone is reading twilight everywhere....from airport,train and here....y so lambat?i already finished all :P who knows this concept might decrease the number of lepak people..i dont think they cant shuffle on the grass...tlg laa meluat gile tgk budak2 shuffle ni..
hah risau..risau!

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irah said...

hi..glad dat u show some pics of nice landscape..nxt time i can show it to my students how the traditional pergola can be turn into sumthin more artistic..wut we hv now is too bored..


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