Sunday, April 26, 2009

S e a WORLD,Gold Coast

Sea World is the fun place to go if u have family!hahaha..if ur in a group with friends..sila jangan dtg..unless u like to watch the *sea world*..and intention is just to see dolphin..
but during my visit...lumpur manusia many people...and i dunno what to see ..because the area is so big!!and u have to go from one place to another to see the animal shows..we managed to watch 2 shows i guess...i like 4d animation..!!sgt teruja okiesss
untuk memiliki gambar bersama sangat payah...kerana...setiap kali menyuruh org tangkap pasti gambar itu mempunyai kecatatan..aduh!!!sila pastikan object dan background ya!!ini kaki pun x takpelaa janji ad gak gmba kami bersama die Sea World ini...
one more picture of us....we asked people who carries SLR to take it..but still...not that good..fussy ya saya ini..

taken by Chika...*sigh*i dunno the main intention why i suddenly sit on the ground..maybe to show the boots..dang!

me and hanis..behind is the dolphin area..u can see snobbish dolphin innit he he he..i think dolphin mcm proud of herself..sbb die comel..pastu suke menunjuk2 skills...he he he..itulah yang kami bincangkan yaa...whenever ppl clapping...mesti dolphin nak tunjuk skill yang mengamazingkan!!comel ok...mahu bela satu di rumah...selain dolphin...ikan paus juga dalam fikiran...*grin*
we just spent 2 hours in Sea World..keh keh keh...because the shopping complex closed at have to budget the time in a good way!!hopeless....because i forgot to buy a sourvenior from there....nothing !!!!sorry ma...!at least fridge magnet rite!iskk

kami berjalan2 untuk menghabiskan duit...i didnt buy anything!!i dunno suddenly turn mood to shop..maybe sbb letih sgt kat sea world..but end up ..i bought a 10 aud dress..lawaaa..!tp tatau bile nk pakai..10aud je okies.....hanis and chika..membazir begitu banyak..dang!
"almumbaziru ashhadul minal khotl.."

ini pengantin baru ya...sila jangan mengorat...i miss her so much..
dunno when we can meet again...
maybe our visit to New Zealand??


A wisher said...

plz buy me sum svnr oke!
teruja oke tgk awk kat sne..
wanna go there sum days..hahaha

~ Mar ~ said...

seaworld sgt tenang kn. sbb bnyk ikan. hehe. i suke dolphin2 nya yg comel. :-D

Siti Farida said...

pergh kasut.. malatopp sudaa..


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