Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our 1st Childbirth Classes

As an enthusiastic proponent of prepared childbirth, I believe that everyone can benefit from childbirth classes .These classes are tremendously enjoyable. The camaraderie is wonderful and you may find the other members of the group act as a substitute for your extended family as you exchange folklore. Certainly, they will make me feel less alone and isolated. It’s a great help to be able to share feelings and experiences with people who are in the same position and it helps to relieve tension and anxiety.

I believe every countries will provide the Childbirth Classes to 1st time parents .This is one of the factor to give more knowledge to us since pregnancy is our new experience.In Australia,the classes are provided from the Hospital that we already registered to deliver or you can find other private classes somewhere around you.Im grateful to my husband because he is really eager to know about this new experience and he did research about the classes.Normally, the classes required parents during 3rd trimester pregnancy but since we are flying back to Malaysia to deliver they allow us to join even i was 2nd trimester during that time and happen to be the smallest baby bump in the class :).

As all the newly parents arrived at the class,all of us are sitting in a circle.We are facing each other and greeting each other .Yeah Im the smallest and the youngest Mommy in the class.Almost all the mommies in the class looked OLD!But probably they are young its just their genetic looks older.HAHA...Not only that,the class also provided with heaps of amenity for a "Pregnant Lady".There is a toilet in the class,hot boiling water,Coffee machine,Ball,Pillow,ETC.

Why Childbirth classes are important :-

1)For 1st time parents like us its particularly useful because the class is designed to give us information that can make both of us confident.
2)Covering the process of pregnancy and birth.Female anatomy and physicology.
3)Giving instruction in relaxation,breathing and exercise techniques to control my own labour,reduce pain,give me confidence!
4)Stages of labour and birth
5)Advise on breathfeeding
6)Practise in bathing
7)Changing nappies
8)Bottle feeding/Formula milk

Indeed,i really enjoyed myself to be in the class with my husband .Because this is the 1st class we joined together eversince we knew each other.He seemed so active in the class.Quite Often to ask questions to the teacher.The class is needed for both parents because for a father's role,the class will make a supportive man a more effective birth assistant by familiarizing him with the process of labour and delivery.Other than that,the teacher gave vast instructions to father to be how to tackle mother's emotional changes during pregnancy. HEHEHEHE.

Becoming Daddies and Mummies are ready to listen at the class

 Amazing Daddy to be and also Gold Medalist in the London Olympic ...I reckon so..?

Both of us are actually happy to hold that baby..it looks real rite?

To all parents to be ...if u could join any of the childbirth classes you should join ..so that u can have a picture about your Labouring soon ..If you ask me..im excited for that moment ..!Because i believe Wife best pain killer is a husband ..

"Pray for Abbi to win Olympic ok Baby Sayang..We are going to fetch Abbi with his Medal soon at KLIA ..Who wanna join us ?" 

PR Mummy :)


Shu said...

Masa labour, husband pun bukan painkiller lagi dahhh ... haha.

JQ said...

Me me me!! nak ikut...hehehe

Anonymous said...

Mcm kenal je kt ner :).. All d best both of u. Keep up d spirit!


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