Wednesday, October 27, 2010

another more present from Asisul !!

Tiada pengalah,semuanya pemenang...
itulah ungkapan VINCE tatkala dinomiated as pemenang AF musim 1.
well i believe itu juga dilaungkan oleh para atlit ...terutama atlit yang penuh dengan kesabaran setelah emas terpaksa di serah kepada rakan sepasukannya..........cehhhhhhhh

cite sedey pulak!
Anyway!!INI MEDAL milikku?!
FYI,my husband vow to me that he gonna do the best for Delhi Commonwealth Games im promising him too to struggle hard for my final design.Well,Indeed!!during my birthday ..My husband has won BRONZE for MALAYSIA.!!This is the time that all Malaysians are waiting for...a medal from my dearest husband,Azizulhasni......after disqualified from his 1st event..I believed,everyone is quiring..why and how this thing happened?Anyway,its all written by we as a slave have to admit it!and patient and will do the best for the next event..and i'm confident that my husband will repay and redo the best in ASIAN GAMES soon!!!!

Apa-apapun,im sooooo surprised when he said this BRONZE medal actually dedicated to me for my birthday!its was awesome...IM 25th years old and i have medal from Commonwealth Games....wooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!teruja ok!!!sangat tidak boleh dibilang dengan uwang!
Hanya appresiasi dari seorang isteri terhadap suami yang hebat...I LOVE YOU YANG!!
speechless and doubtless!

Tolongla sayang!!!jangan la sweet sangatt!!!
i totally sangat2 terharu ok!!
iehhhhhh cintanya padamu!!!!!!!


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