Thursday, October 13, 2011


How is everyone today?Harapnya semua sihat2 dan berusaha keras untuk kerjaya masing2.Actually,i have heaps of entry nk post tapi sebabkan masa yang terlalu padat n kerja yg terlalu banyak jadi x sempat nk update!

Well,recently open my old phone and i found our pictures during Sultan Terengganu's birthday.He has awarded my husband with AMT.

We just arrived in Melbourne about a week time and have to fly back to Malaysia for the award.Im so grateful to Kerajaan Terengganu especially for the appreciation. Hubby is an idol to the young generations.His passion towards his carrier is really massive!Likewise, he is a student at the same time and still can get a good result .

me and hubby....:D
our picture with our friend's dad who has been awarded with datoship
hubby :D
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dilakochan said...

Woww!! Kakak tya, merahhh! Garanggg gitu!

And encik hubby kamain kacakk tu! ;))

Oh btw, happy belated bday utk kak tya yer! :D
Semoga sentiasa happy dgn suami n family tersayang, juga sehat2 selalu =)

Unknown said...

waah tahniah untuk asisul! :)


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