Saturday, October 1, 2011

Special treat at Classic Restaurant!

Halal Restaurant !Sedap!Sedap!Sedap!Sedap gillaaaaaa nk mati!The restaurant is located at Gold Coast.This is the only Halal Restaurant yang kind of sedap yang boleh dijumpai di Gold Coast.The steak is so yummeyhhh so do the soup!
Sugar...The brown sugar and white sugar..served in a special bowl
Our Mint tea
My Soup....
Hubby medium cook steak

Hubby told me ..this is the best restaurant in the whole universe..the steak is so yummeyh and the daging is soooooooooooooooooo we will visit Gold Coast next time for a sake to eat this steak again baby!
For me, the soup is just nice..i only can eat soup ...why??
i really like the restaurant.i like the interior because its really vintage!
The restaurant really creates a good sense for both of us to eat happily.


Anonymous said...

hi tya!

i need ur goin to gc next yr on feb..can u suggest me the budget hotel there? whr the affordable plce i can look going wit my 2 other frens..thanks a lot tya :)

Tyazizul said...

Hye!!!!....emm byk sgt tmpt..nk theme park..sume ade kat sane..kiteorg pun ambek map je...and hotel beli tru student flight .au...bile nk pegi?end of the year mahal tgh cuti skola


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