Thursday, March 15, 2012

Almaro for Special Anniversary Dinner +_+

Almaro Restaurant, is the only Italiano Restaurant that served 100percent HALAL food. Any special occasions, Hubby will choose this restaurant as his favourite place to go.The steaks are all good and yum!
Especially the Chicken snitzel with Mushroom is totally the bomb!The restaurant located at Sydney Road only takes half and hour plus traffic n tram from our house.

We in love with Iphone.Because we can be photo geek !Anytime anywhere we will upload our pictures in instagram.Maybe this is one of the reason i seldom update my blog!
Both of us having this special Chicken Mushroom ...OMG so sdap wa cakap sama lu ..So how?tempting kan
?Ni la salah satu sebab hardly to loose weight ..akakakakka

Apart from that, we received a parcel from Malaysia.Guess what?its given from my hubby's fan .Abg Azli he made up our Stamp with our wedding picture.Thank you thank you so cute isn't?Kena frame and sangat2 sayang nak guna :)

Tya Boo


Hudalatip said...

setem tu boleh digunakan ke?

Miss Kaisha said...

alalala. comel nya setem tueee.. hadiah lain dari yang lain.

btw, tahniah TYAJOJO. heee semoga kekal hingga ke syurga. :)


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