Thursday, March 15, 2012

Olympic London Shooting at the house

 As everyone already watched the Show at Astro Arena "Sehari bersama Azizul Awang" so here are some of the pictures that I can share with all of you .The host is,Edleen Ismail , from Ipoh,Perak coming all the way from KL just to shoot my hubby in one of the famous programme on Astro Arena.Sehari Bersama basically reveal the life of an athlete other than training 24/7.So yeah..i watched the show and i think my face looked so big and fat.Ha ha ha ha...We laughed all day long at the show because my brother has revealed something bad about my husband..So if you wanna know what is my hubby bad habit the episode back again and u will know what is his favourite habit ...OMG!

After shooting at the amazing TYAJOJO house,we went to a place call BOATHOUSE.BOATHOUSE is a restaurant owned by one of MASTERCHEF jury ..We used to spend our time together there after we finished jog or walk.The Hot Chocolate in that restaurant is a must to try!*sigh*
 The place is quite nice with the playground surrounding it and also a nice shelter for BBQ if you are planning to have a picnic by the Marybrinong River.

 So here is the picture.Probably the colour didnt suit me..I looked so terrible on the TV ..Oh snap!So next time should wear something Black or Dark colour ..

so tadaaaa....terpaksa berlakon sebegini like kiddo ..actually we are nothing like this *sigh
Oh well,after the Astro Arena crews coming over to our house,ESPN crew from Singapore drop by to the house and shoot both of us again.Indeed,i dont feel to appear on TV that much because im not ready enough plus with my heavy weight size .Making me so inferior.So ugly yet so ugly!Pffffttt.However,i have to face it because Im the wife of  an Olympic Gold Medal Prospect ..So no matter what size you are have to speak to the public.Oh yes!!

ESPN is one of the favourite Sport TV on Astro i believe.Here are some of the pictures of both of us.The show probably will preview on July or August.So the nearer Olympic to you,the more ads with Azizul Awang motion will be meeting you .With this episode,we were acting in our kitchen.To show the world that my husband really love to cook?Do you think he does? komen ..sometimes he did but not that often.Basic question,how both of us met?bla bla bla ..

  Dont forget to watch Azizul Awang and wifey ..On ESPN !!If i sounded Poyo sorry ..because we have to speak english with Aussie Slang ..hahahahah
 Apart from that, countdown to Olympic...I really hope my husband can focus 100 percent and do the best in Olympic London.We strive hard but only ALLAH  will determine it .So at the same time,blessing from Allah in every single thing that we do is a must.I love you so much ..and may the faith be with you dear.!

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